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Private Parties

A private game or group outing is exactly that.  It's private. This game is for bachelor parties, church groups, business groups, employee parties, birthday parties, park districts or even a friends and family outing that you want exclusive control over who you play with. Private Games can be scheduled for any day of the week. 

Private games are usually 10 or more players. If you have fewer than 10 players, you may want to join open play or recruit more players.

Fox Paintball also offers Paintball-Lite.  Paintball Lite is a Low Impact version of paintball using special paintball guns and paintballs.  Paintball-Lite is directed towards kids or groups that want to take the "punch" out of the paintball. Low Impact hits with 1/3 the energy of traditional paintball thus reducing the occurrence of welts and bruises sometimes associated with traditional paintball.

Private Party Reservations

Private parties may be generally scheduled on any day.

Reservations must be made in advance for private parties.

Please call 630.631.2007 to book.

For more information or to book your Private Party, call 630.631.2007
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