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Booking Your Private Party

How can I organize a group? 

Private games are organized by a single group contact. This contact person is who we call the "Group Organizer". The group organizer is responsible for booking and paying the game fees to Fox Paintball. The group organizer will establish parameters for the game such as group size, age limits, equipment restrictions and arrival time.


Private Party Reservations

Private parties may be generally scheduled on any day.

Reservations must be made in advance for private parties.

Please call 630.631.2007 to book in advance.

What Information We Will Need From You
  • Group Organizer's Name

  • Date of Outing (any day of the week!)

  • Length of Play-time

    • Full Day (anytime between 9 and 5)

    • Half Day (9am-1pm or 1-5pm)

  • Arrival Time (as early as 9am)

  • Number of Players (10+)

    • How many are renting?

    • How many are self-equipped

  • Upgrades?

    • Ask about options!

  • Group Organizer's Phone Number

  • Group Organizer's Email

  • Billing Information for Deposit

Call 630.631.2007
for more informaton or
to book your private party

Information All Players Will Need

For more information or to book your Private Party, call 630.631.2007

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