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Team Practice

Entry with a case of basic Paintballs = $55
Entry BYOP is = $25
Rules and regulations:
  • All regular field rules will be enforced.

  • Team practice admission is limited to designated tournament field only.

  • Available Sundays for Practice. Available other times based on reservation of 10 or more team players. Some events may conflict with the TEAM PRACTICE. Please call or check the event schedule for details.

  • Private group or open games may play on fields too. Please be respectful of all players at the field.

  • Teams and individuals looking for teams or try-outs are welcome as long as there are teams at practice.

  • Players age 10 to 15 must be supervised by an adult 18 and over.

  • There are no regular staff scheduled games for TEAM PRACTICE.

  • Participating teams and individuals are responsible for their own practice.

  • All players at TEAM PRACTICE must use their own equipment.

  • No rental equipment is allowed at TEAM PRACTICE.

  • Fox Paintball reserves the right to exclude paintballs of any brand, style, color or make at its discretion.

*Fees apply to anyone participating in TEAM PRACTICE, including Fox Paintball Members and visiting teams or individuals practicing against Fox Paintball sponsored teams.

You might be asking why does team practice get a discount? 
Fox Paintball supports the growth of paintball teams and competition.  In doing so we provide a safe and  less expensive way for teams to practice and compete.  Team practice rates and fees are limited to use of the tournament field only.

Fox Paintball also directly supports teams to compete.  Send us a support request for your team and we'll will tell you what you need to do to earn support.  

Fox Paintball Proudly Supports

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