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Private groups receive special rates and group paint prices.

Private groups must shoot paintballs purchased from Fox Paintball. 

No carry on paintballs are allowed in these games.

Discounted rates for First Responders and Youth Groups are available.

Half Day Tour of Duty

Half Day groups are run either 9am to 1pm or 1pm to 5pm.
**Except November Through March. Half day rates (4 hours) apply to all groups due to the shorter days of operation.  10am to 4pm games can be scheduled with 1000 round upgrades.
Ask about special rates for December through March bookings. 

Rental with 500 Rounds per player

$45.00 per player

Includes Rental Equipment Package and 500 paintballs

Rental with 1000 Rounds per player

$59.00 per player

Includes Rental Equipment Package and 1000 paintballs

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Full Day Tour of Duty 

All Day Group rates apply for games run from open to close April thru October

Rental with 1000 Rounds per player

$69.00 per player

Includes Rental Equipment package and 1000 paintballs

Rental with 2000 Rounds per player

$90.00 per player

Includes Rental Equipment package and 2000 paintballs

FREE 4 pod Harness Rental included for each player! (pods must be purchased seperately)

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Add on Rental Items

JT Premise Protective Goggle System


Protective anti-fog goggle system

4 Pod Pack Harness


Carries 4 140 round ammo pods and has additonal pouches for other items

Ninja Airtank


48 cubic inch 3000 PSI airtank

Full Camo Jumpsuit


This is a full Camo Zip Up Jumpsuit with padding - great if you wore the wrong the clothes to play.

Pants Only


Long sleeve shirts and pants are recommended when playing for safety - If someone in your group wore shorts and realized it wasn't a great idea we got them covered.

Chest Protector


Additional protection for Ladies and Younger particiapants playing 68 caliber.

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Additional paintball costs range from $20 for 500 paintballs up to full cases of 2000 for as low as $49 tax included.  Paintball prices may vary based on available brands and quantity purchased.

Restrictions and Guidelines for Private Games
  • All groups have a minimum game charge based on 10 players This is the minimum group charge, even if your group falls below 10 players.

  • Groups may purchase extra paintballs in advance of their outing for the best deal. Any additional paint purchased on the day of play is at a discounted rate for groups, as low as $49 for a case of 2000 paintballs, tax included. Compare this to $90 a case at other Chicago area paintball fields.

  • Private games include Fox Custom Paintballs, a high quality paint, to ensure that the group has a great time playing without worrying about poor paintball performance.

  • A deposit of $150 or $15 per player ensures that your game is booked for your date and guns are reserved for the number of players in your group.

  • Time for sessions is limited to the time scheduled.  Session time includes registration and orientation time. Time before or after a scheduled session is not allowed. Please show up early for your session times to ensure timely processing.

  • If players within the group are found shooting carry on paintballs they will be asked to stop. If the group continues to shoot outside paintballs, their rate will convert to a BYOP group rate with requirements for a BYOP game and all discounts for paintballs and admissions will be forfeit.


No late arrival penalties at Fox Paintball

There are no penalties for bringing extra players on game day like at other fields. 

However, we cannot guarantee the availability of equipment for those players.

Cancellation policy:

Deposits are not refundable within 30 days of the game date. They may be applied towards another game or field admission credit. Within 2 weeks of the game date there is a $75 re-scheduling fee. Private Group game cancellations within 24 hours or no shows will forfeit the entire deposit without credit or refund. If the group shows up on the scheduled game day without enough players to stay in a private group then 1/2 the deposit will be applied as credit towards open play. The other 1/2 of the deposit becomes forfeit.


Rainy Weather: Fox Paintball operates during rainy weather and does not cancel or close due to rain. If you decide to cancel or re-schedule due to rainy weather you will be subject to the re-schedule fee or complete loss of your deposit if you do not show up on your game date.