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Bring Your Own Paintballs (BYOP) Rates

Bring your own paint (BYOP) groups pay for the privilege of carrying on their own paintballs.

BYOP groups may not qualify for discounts on paint and require a high minimum game fee.

BYOP Tour of Duty 

BYOP Groups are flat rates for all day play with a game fee minimum of $600

Call 630.631.2007 for more information or to book your private party
BYOP Guidelines
  • BYOP Groups may schedule start times from opening until 2 hours before close.

  • Private groups electing the BYOP option have a minimum game fee of $600.  This fee is reached by combining equipment rental and admission fees at the rates listed. Minimum game fee is $600 regardless of the number of players.

  • BYOP group fees do not include paintballs.

  • Fox Paintball will not be held responsible for the poor operation of rental equipment with BYOP groups as the main reason groups elect BYOP is to bring very cheap paintballs. The performance of those paintballs are not the responsibility of Fox Paintball.

  • Game deposits will be a minimum of $225 or $15 per player requiring rental equipment.

No late arrival penalties at Fox Paintball

There are no penalties for bringing extra players on game day like at other fields. 

However, we cannot guarantee the availability of equipment for those players.

Cancellation policy:

Deposits are not refundable within 30 days of the game date. They may be applied towards another game or field admission credit. Within 2 weeks of the game date there is a $75 re-scheduling fee. Private Group game cancellations within 24 hours or no shows will forfeit the entire deposit without credit or refund. If the group shows up on the scheduled game day without enough players to stay in a private group then 1/2 the deposit will be applied as credit towards open play. The other 1/2 of the deposit becomes forfeit.


Rainy Weather: Fox Paintball operates during rainy weather and does not cancel or close due to rain. If you decide to cancel or re-schedule due to rainy weather you will be subject to the re-schedule fee or complete loss of your deposit if you do not show up on your game date.

Admission with Basic Rental Package
$45.00 per player
Includes all day admission, airfill fees and basic rental package
Admission with Upgraded Rental Package
$50.00 per player
Includes all day admission, airfill fees and upgraded rental package
Admission for Fully Self-Equipped Players
$35.00 per player
Includes all day admission and airfill fees
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