Walk-on Field Admission and Packages

We offer walk-on packages at registration for both Renting and Self-Equipped players.

All prices include tax.
Package deals with admission and paint discounts are available at time of registration ONLY.

Field Admission Fees

Premium Field Admission Fee


Full price includes: all day admission, all day air fee, privilege to carry in outside paintballs.

All Day Air Fee


This is the seperate charge that covers Co2 and air fills for the day - Included in the Premium Admission

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Admission with Rental Equipment Packages and Paintballs

Admission with Basic Gun Rental & 500 Paintballs


Includes Field Fees, Tippmann FT12 Paintball Gun, and 500 Paintballs

Admission with Upgraded Gun Rental & 1000 Paintballs


Includes Field Fees, Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun, and 1000 Paintballs

Admission with Upgraded Gun Rental & 2000 Paintballs


Includes Field Fees, Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun, and a case of Paintballs

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Self-Equipped Packages with Paintballs

Admission with 1000 Paintballs


Includes Field Fees and 1000 rounds of our economy grade paintballs

Admission with 2000 Fox Basic Paintballs


Includes Field Fees and a case of our Economy Grade paintballs

Admission with 2000 Fox Custom Paintballs


Includes Field Fees and a case of our highest grade paintballs

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Individual Equipment Rental Fees

Basic Gun Rental Package


Tippmann FT12 paintball gun, Ninja airtank, and JT Premise protective goggle system

Upgraded Gun Rental Package


Tippman A5 paintball gun with Cyclone feed, Ninja airtank, and JT Premise protective goggle system

JT Premise Protective Goggle System


Protective anti-fog goggle system

4 Pod Pack Harness


Carries 4 140 round ammo pods and has additonal pouches for other items

Ninja Airtank


48 cubic inch 3000 PSI airtank

Full Camo Jumpsuit


This is a full Camo Zip Up Jumpsuit with padding - great if you wore the wrong the clothes to play.

Pants Only


Long sleeve shirts and pants are recommended when playing for safety - If someone in your group wore shorts and realized it wasn't a great idea we got them covered.

Chest Protector


Additional protection for Ladies and Younger particiapants playing 68 caliber.

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Additional paintball costs start at $20 for 500 paintballs up to full cases of 2000 for as low as $49 tax included.  Paintball prices may vary based on available brands and quantity purchased.

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Fox Paintball is an outdoor paintball and retail store Located in Kendall County, serving all of the Chicago area. Some communities served are Aurora, Naperville, Joliet, Morris, Ottawa, Sugar Grove, Plano, Sandwich,  Montgomery, Oswego and Newark, Downers Grove, Lisle, St Charles, Geneva Elburn, Elgin, Lockport, Plainfield, Kane County, Dupage County, Cook County, Will County, West Chicago, Schaumburg, Elk Grove Village, West Dundee, Bolingbrook, Dekalb County, Sycamore, Sheridan.  Customers come from even further like  Peoria, Rockford and McHenry County.  People from all over have been playing paintball or buying paintball gear at Fox Paintball since 1990. The store sells all  major brands: Dye, Planet Eclipse, Tippmann, Empire, Virtue, Airgun Designs, AGD, Inceptions Designs, GOG, Smart Parts, Kingman Spyder, Bunker Kings, HK Army, First Strike and most other brands.  We carry products such as Barrels, hoppers, Pods, Markers, Paintball guns, Loaders, Goggles, Masks, Air tanks, HPA, Co2, Co2 cylinders. Knee and elbow pads, Harness and Vests, pants and jerseys, sights, lasers,  rails,  Tactical equipment. Products such as Tippmann Project Salvo, Model 98, TCR, TMC, Gryphon, TiPX, Chronus, A5, Alpha Black, Dye M3, Dye Rize, Dye I5, I4, Dye Rotor, R2, Boomstick, Planet Eclipse CS2, Emek, Etek, Gtek, Etha, Etha 2, CVO, Virtue Spire, Spire 280, Spire III, Virtue VIO Extend, Countour, Ascend, GoG Enmy Pro, Freak Barrels, Luxe 2.0 Luxe ICE, Luxe X, Shocker XLS, RSX,  Empire Mini GS, Empire AXE 2.0, Empire Sniper, Vanquish, Empire EVO, Helix,  Evil, JT Flex goggles, Spectra, Armor, Vents, JT Revolution, JT Viewloader.  We also fill high pressure 4500psi  and 3000psi air fills for PCP rifles and guns.  We can also fill 5lb and 10lb tanks for Kegerators.