Frequently Asked Questions

When can I play Paintball at Fox Paintball

Fox Paintball operates primarily on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Hours do change seasonly and we do operate some hours in the winter off season and weekdays in the summer. Always check our operating hours page from the website to know what the current operating times are. Operating hours is a link found under the "PARK INFORMATION" tab. The normal season for Fox Paintball is March to December. January and February are by announcment only or by private outing

Does paintball hurt?

This is a fair question that is asked by many people. Anyone can Google search paintball and pull up images of players with paintball welts. So the honest answer is yes, paintballs can sometimes hurt. However, "hurt" is relative and certainly does not define the game. Many people play paintball every weekend without getting "hurt". You can certainly expect to get hit by a paintball and feel it. The most common comparrison is that it feels like getting "towel snapped". Fox Paintball has rules in place and staff on the field to thwart instances where players may get hurt. Our primary focus is to make sure players have fun and play safe. We also offer Paintball-Lite, a smaller paintball version of the game that really eliminates the sting of the paintball. It's primarily geared towards younger kids but can be played by anyone.

Can I bring my own paintballs?

Open games at Fox Paintball are considered BYOP. This applies to full admission customers, members and tickets purchased directly through Fox Paintball. Third party discounted ticket holders such as Groupon are not allowed to bring paintballs. Private groups are also NOT allowed to bring paintballs unless the group is scheduled and specially designated as such. Check with your group organizer.

Are any paintballs or colors banned from Fox Paintball?

Currently the only paint banned from Fox Paintball is Valken Infinity as well as Monster Ball. Monster Ball has not been around for years and should be gone from sale anywhere. No specific colors are banned.

Where is the paintball field?

The paintball field is located at 10389 Fox River Dr. in Newark, Illinois 60541. We are located along the Fox River just outside the town of Millington. We are due South of Sandwich and just North of the town of Newark.

Where is the store?

Our Retail store is located at 1939 S. Bridge Street in Yorkville, IL 60560. We do not play at this location.

What is Paintball-Lite, Low Impact Paintball or 50 caliber paintball?

Paintball-Lite is our name for low impact paintball. Low impact paintball is played with a smaller paintball than traditional size. The traditional size is 68 caliber. Paintball-Lite is 50 caliber. Because they are smaller 50 caliber paintballs hit with less energy and do not sting or leave welts like .68 caliber can. The drawback is the range and competitive level of .50 caliber is not as effective as 68 caliber. Therefore 50 caliber is geared more towards younger kids just starting out but can be played by anyone wanting to experience paintball, but is conerned with the sting from 68 caliber.

What is Speedball?

Speedball is the first term we used to describe paintball played on a small defined course where spectators can watch and be involved.

What is Scenario Paintball?

Scenario Paintball is when a game of paintball is designed around a central theme. This theme can be from a movie, classic war battle or a video game. Typically there is a basic script and players can dress up in costume and even play rolls. The event organizer will traditionally set-up missions and objectives and the game play will focus on completing these tasks versus just eliminating the other team. Scenario's are usually scheduled well in advance and require advance registration. Some scenario games have been in the thousands of players. Typically they will be at one hundred to several hundred players.