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Benefits of Membership

  • Reduced admission

  • Admission and paint specials 

  • Preferred guest pricing

  • Free CO2 fills and HPA fills*

  • Discounts at Yorkville Store* 

One Year Membership



Upgrade from 6 Month for

ONLY $100


6 Month Membership




with Gun Purchase Package valued at $300 or more!
Package $'s include : Guns Airtanks, Masks, Harness

Membership Restrictions and Agreement

The membership is purchased only for the person listed on this agreement. Memberships are non-transferable. The benefits of the agreement are solely for the use of the listed member only. Membership privileges will be revoked if a member is found to be actively offering his/her membership benefits to non-member player or players. For example: Letting someone else use the membership card. The member is responsible for signing a Release and Waiver on each visit to the playing field. Members will be issued a membership card which they are responsible for keeping. The membership card should be carried by the player when at the field or store for the purpose of identifying themselves as a member. Additional identification may be asked for at the time of registration or purchase. Replacement charge for a lost Membership card is $5.00
* Limited to personal tank only. *Discounts vary based on product and brand. 

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