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About Fox Paintball

Fox Paintball Collage of fun times

Fox Paintball has been in operation since 1990. The Fox Paintball property has been an established paintball field since 1984 and was an original site for the National Survival Game brand, which started the industry in 1982.  The company is still owned and operated by Tim Glavin, who is a founding owner.  Fox Paintball has played an important role in building the game of paintball into a thriving industry.


The paintball field is located along the boundaries of the Fox River, just outside the town of Millington, IL in Newark Township.  The terrain allows for excellent woodsball play, with a full compliment of large trees, thick vegitation, creeks, and even some hills.  Other areas of the property are built into scenario type fields utilizing structures, cars, boats, giant tires, shipping containers, barrels, trenches and other various bunker creating technologies. During the warmer months, Fox also maintains a regulation Xball/Airball field just like you would see professional paintball players use in national tournament events. This field is available for team practice and is also available for the general public and private parties to play on, a feature no other field in Chicago offers.


Fox Paintball can be classified as a "tailgate facility".  We encourage and allow the consumption of outside food and beverages brought onto the property. Besides alcohol, which is prohibited on the property, customers are welcome to bring any food and beverage of their choice and have it available for their day of paintball.  Bring those coolers and grills and cook-out!   Get Pizza Close by or there is a local Subway just down the road at the BP Amoco on Route 71 in Newark.


Enjoy the outdoors and want to make some cash? Fox Paintballs hires from around the area.  We maintain a diverse group of staff members that enjoy working outdoors and providing excellent customer service.  Use the link under contact us to submit an application.        

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