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Age Requirements and Restrictions

All players must be age 10 or older.

Any player age 17 and under who is not accompanied by a parent must have a waiver completed by a parent in advance. These forms must be obtained directly from Fox Paintball. Substitute forms will not be allowed. The link for a waiver is included at the bottom of this page.


Adult Supervision Required

Players ages 10 to 15 must be supervised by an adult at all times at the playing field. It is strongly recommended that players 10 to 12 years old have direct adult supervision by an adult participating with them. Players 13 to 15 do not need an adult to play with them but they do need an adult to supervise off the field and to be there in case of an emergency.

There is an exception to this also for TEAM PRACTICE. NO players under 16 are allowed to paticipate in TEAM PRACTICE unless they are participating with other 18 and over players.

Fox Paintball reserves the right to refuse play to anyone if the forms are not completed to our satisfaction or there is a concern over safety.

Parents! Please remember that if you leave your underage children at the field and they get injured no one will be there to consent to medical attention.


These requirements are not negotiable.
No exceptions will be made!
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