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What is Paintball?

Paintball is a strategy game of elimination, much like Chess.  Two teams face off and battle to eliminate the other team or to accomplish a mission or specific goal like “Capture the Flag”.  The tools involved in this process are called paintball guns.  Paintball guns vary in size, shape, and color but ultimately they all do the same thing.  They shoot a color filled, gelatin capsule called a “paintball”.  Opponents properly marked with the fill from this paintball will be eliminated from the game.

Games can vary in size from 1 on 1 to thousands of players in one game.  Typical games at a local paintball field will range from 5 to 20 players per team and will be played in the woods. Depending on the popularity of paintball, size of the community and specific event that may be happening at the paintball field, those games may change in size and objective.

The most popular way to play paintball is in a “Private group”.  Private groups are paintball events that you scheduled for just the people you want to play with.  Events can be birthday parties, employee team building, religious outings, Family re-unions or just a gathering of all your best friends.

The next method to play the game is called “open games”, “walk-on” or general admission.  These games are run like pick-up games at the local YMCA basketball court.  All players, individually or in groups, can join into the games throughout the day.  Staff is assigned to run these games, pick teams and make sure all participants are having fun and playing safely.  Sometimes groups are broken into skill levels depending on the number of players and skill levels represented.

There are other styles of paintball.  Tournaments are another popular style.  Paintball played competitively on specially mapped out and created fields.  Another form is called “Scenario Paintball”. Scenario paintball involves playing with large groups of players that are following a particular game theme.  Common themes are based on movies, historical battles and even popular video games.

At Fox Paintball we focus on Private groups and Open Games while adding in special events like tournaments, big games, holiday specials, and scenario’s.

There is also another newer version of paintball called “low impact” or as we call it “Paintball-Lite” Paintball-Lite is a just like traditional paintball except it is played with a smaller paintball.  Because the paintball is smaller, it travels through the air with much less energy and less likely to “welt” players like a traditional paintball.  This form of paintball is especially popular with young kids just new to the sport or family events where all ages are encouraged to participate.  Any group looking for a less intense game more focused on fun over competition may be interested in Paintball-Lite.

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