Service at Fox Paintball's Retail Store

Our employees at Fox Paintball's Retail Store are qualified to work on a variety of paintball markers. If you're having trouble with your equipment and need service, you can trust Fox!

Buy Your Gun at Fox

and NEVER PAY a Service Charge!

Any gun not purchased at Fox Paintball will be a minimum of $24.95 service charge.

Bring in your CO2 Cylinders and we can fill them!

5 Lb CO2 Pricing

5 Lbs Co2 Fill


New 5 Lbs Bottle

$80.00 + Fill

Refurbished Tank

$60.00 + Fill

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Trade-in your out-of-date bottle for a free fill!


Hydrotest Complete Process


Process Includes:

$30.00 Hydrotest

$10.00 Regulator Removal / Reinstallation, Fill, and Test for Leaks

$10.00 Shipping & Handling

Cylinder Only (Regulator already removed)


$30.00 Hydrotest

$10.00 Shipping & Handling

Add a Standard 3k/4.5k psi Regulator *Discounted!*


Add a Pro Reg, Pro SLP, or Pro SHP *Discounted!*


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***We Send All Bottles To Be Tested at NINJA PAINTBALL***