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We Sell GI Sportz Basic, Field and Custom Paintballs.

For those that know, GI sells the best paint available. Many fields compromise quality with cheap paintballs. At Fox, we offer 3 levels of paintballs. Fox Basic is a recreational ball desinged with a tougher shell and lighter fill. The tougher shell allows the ball to shot out of less expensive gun models without breaking in the barrel. The lighter does not mark as well but keeps the cost down. Fox Field still maintains a tougher shell but increases the fill thickness and makes a much better mark. Fox Custom maintains the best marking fill and has a more brittle shell to break easier on opponents. Although more brittle than field or basic the Custom shell is still able to be shot out of all types of guns. The Fox Custom ball is what is included in all Group outings at Fox Paintball. Fox Field is included in many of our economy packages. Basic is sold at only $49 a case with tax included and is one of the least expensive and best quality paintballs sold at any Chicagoland paintball field.

At times Fox offers other paintballs form leading manufacturers like Valken and Empire. Those deals are available directly at the field and may vary from time to time.

Prices include tax

Package deal with admission is available at time of registration only.

Qty Fox Basic

Fox Field
Paint Only / or with admission

Fox Custom
Paint Only / or with admission
100 $4 N/A N/A
500 $17 $18 / $42 $22 / $44
1000 $28 $30 / $52 $38 / $55
2000 $49 $55 / $75 $64 / $79

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