Redeeming Promotional Tickets
and Coupons at Fox Paintball - Updated for 2011

There are several companies both local and through onlines sales that market paintball to new customers. They do this by selling promotional tickets. Fox Paintball will honor most types of promotional tickets. However unless the coupon came directly from Fox Paintball or is sold exclusively for Fox Paintball, then there are restrictions that will apply. Please keep in mind that Fox Paintball does not sell these tickets and is not responsible for how those tickets are represented by the saleperson selling them. Most paintball fields will have their own restrictions on how these tickets are redeemed and the saleperson selling the tickets is not going to know what those restrictions are. Caveat Emptor "Buyer Beware". Find out before you buy.
Fox Paintball receives no income from the sale of these tickets. If you are disatisfied with how the tickets were sold or represented you must take your complaint to the company that sold you those tickets.

Coupons from Fox Paintball or tickets sold exclusively for Fox Paintball's field will be honored exactly as described and printed on the tickets. Those tickets will be bought from Fox Paintball directly and will have our Logo and name printed on them. Tickets that say "PAINTBALL USA" or "GREAT AMERICAN PAINTBALL" are not exclusive tickets. They are generic promotional tickets.

The quick synopsis on Promotional tickets
$22 Fox Custom paint purchase minimum = 500 Custom paintballs
$5 Air Fee

Total = $27 plus ticket
Your $27 purchase gets you:

All day air fills

500 Custom paintballs

The ticket then covers:
All day admission - $30 savings
All day Automag equipment rental and goggles system - $10 savings
What you paid for the ticket saves you up to $40.

If you need more of an explanation please read on.

What value do promotional tickets have?

Promotional tickets are designed to fill unreserved gun spaces in our general admission games. What does that mean? Like a hotel has rooms available, Fox Paintball has equipment and space available. If we do not book our space and equipment full, then we can fill in with promotional tickets that are sold at a discount. The ticket value is earned by making a minimum purchase of paintballs and Air. At Fox Paintball that minimum is $22 per ticket redeemed plus a $5 air fee. It clearly states on these tickets that paintballs and air must be purchased at the field. At Fox that $22 buys you 500 of our Custom paintballs. The $5 covers the high cost of providing the air system and fills. It's a great deal. By making that minimum purchase we will honor your ticket for our field admission and gun rental fees. If you are using the ticket for admission only, the same minimum purchase still applies. You still save money over standard admission rates.

Fox Paintball, at any given time especially during peak seasons of fall and spring, may not have space available for discount tickets. Regular priced reservations and groups always have precedence over discounted tickets. Fox Paintball will always try and book regular priced space before honoring discount tickets. Fox Paintball does sell it's own discounted general admission Advanced Tickets. Those tickets, while not as cheap, are honored anytime without restrictions and can be purchased with or without paintballs included.

What about group outings?

The salesperson selling the tickets will try and push "group outings". Be aware that the tickets are meant to be used for general admission. Fox Paintball can book a "group" into our general admission games, but this is not a "Private group". It is entirely up to Fox Paintball's discretion to honor these tickets at anytime for any value. Fox has NO CONTRACTS with any of these companies!
For private group outing questions please call 630.631.2007

The final word on Promotional Tickets

Please do not expect to be let on our field for free and allowed to bring your own paintballs. We make no money from the sale of these tickets unless they have been bought directly from Fox Paintball. The tickets allow you the opportunity to receive a discount, not get in for free.

If you have any questions about discount tickets please email us using the link above.

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